How easy is it to hack a home network?

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How easy is it to hack a home network?

My home is under attack.

Right now, skilled adversaries are probing its defences seeking a way in. They are swift, relentless and smart. No weakness will escape their notice.

But I am not without defences. I’ve tried to harden the most vulnerable devices to stop them being compromised and I’ve set up warning systems that should alert me if the attackers get inside.

In the end, all that effort was for nothing because the attackers found so many ways to get at me and my home network. And, they said, even if the technology had defeated them, the weakest link of all – me – would probably have let them in.

Swiss cheese

I found out just how severely compromised my home network was in a very creepy fashion. I was on the phone when the web-connected camera sitting on the window sill next to me started moving. The lens crept round until it pointed right at me. I knew that the attackers were on the other end watching what I was doing, and potentially, listening to the conversation.

It is a gadget my children and I have used to see if any wildlife passes through our garden and one which many people have for home security or as an alternative baby monitor.

I was lucky that I knew my attackers who, at that moment, were sitting in my living room waiting to show me how straightforward it was to subvert these domestic devices. The picture they took of me via the camera was evidence enough.

The attackers were Dan Turner and Kyprianos Vasilopoulos from security firm Trustwave who test network defences for a living.

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