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Capital Business Park tenants can now get up to 100mb Broadband provided by Aytel

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Cisco Certified

Congratulations Richard on Becoming Cisco Certified Drayteks All Round

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We Became a Partner

Aytel is now a partner of 3cx one of the best VOIP Solutions on the market today.   Congratulations Richard & Kyle on becoming 3CX Certified engineers

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How easy is it to hack a home network?

My home is under attack. Right now, skilled adversaries are probing its defences seeking a way in. They are swift, relentless and smart. No weakness will escape their notice. But I am not without defences. I’ve tried to harden the most vulnerable devices to stop them being compromised and I’ve set up warning systems that

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Facebook investigated over market-power abuse claims

German authorities are investigating Facebook for suspected abuse of its dominant market position. The country’s federal cartel office suspects the social network’s privacy terms violate data protection laws. It is looking into whether Facebook’s “dominance” means those terms also constituted an abuse of market power. The formal probe is the first of its kind the

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Is your smartphone listening to you?

It all began with a car crash. I was doing some ironing when my mum came in to tell me that a family friend had been killed in a road accident in Thailand. My phone was on the worktop behind me. But the next time I used the search engine on it, up popped the

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‘Thousands of popular sites’ at risk of Drown hack attacks

Websites have been warned they could be exposed to eavesdroppers, after researchers discovered a new way to disable their encryption protections. The experts said about a third of all computer servers using the HTTPS protocol – often represented by a padlock in web browsers – were vulnerable to so-called Drown attacks. They warn that passwords,

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